Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we've answered some of the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding our platform.

At the moment, the financial markets are very volatile, its only wise to invest in a less volatile system with zero risk. Our team of experts have developed a sustainable fail proof strategy of generating passive income via Proxy Cloud Crypto Mining for our investors. Please be sure to check our "About us" page

We created the worlds first automated proxy crypto mining technology which allows you generate about 2% of your Crypto Investment daily. Our team of experts do the hardwork of bit mining with your investment, (i.e purchase of high configuration servers and equipment for proper hardware hashrate execution, supply and maintenance of HQ hardwares, provision of sufficient energy for our power intensive hardwares, labour, marketing and a host of others which we won't want to bore you with) after which we give you back 1% and keep 1%. Isn't that a great deal?

Yes we do! After signing up, you will be given a referral link.If anybody signs up via your referral link which is located on your dashboard, you earn 4% of their total deposit!

While investing with us, you earn 1% daily, 30% monthly and 360% yearly of your total investment. We project low risk - long term for operational sustainability.

You can withdraw your earnings anytime you want to, either daily weekly, monthly or whichever way that suites you. Simply click on the withdraw button on the left panel on your dashboard to make a withdrawal.

We are regulated by the CBoI. Your funds are insured up to $500,000.

We don't charge a dime for withdrawals. All fees are on us. Go on and make your withdrawals.

Currently we only make payments to our members via BTC. Payment is made daily to the BTC wallet address which is registered on your dashboard. We're working on adding more payment methods soon.

Please kindly check the footer of the website for the privacy policy button or simply go to www.azureignite.com/links/privacy-policy/180

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